Do you find the Armenian Genocide too upsetting to talk about?

When I told my mother that I started a blog to contribute to the dialogue about the Armenian Genocide, she asked me, “why?” She said every time she thinks about what happened to her father she gets upset. I know there are many people who feel the way my mother feels. But, does that mean we should never talk about it?

While we don’t talk about it, Turkey is talking about it — continuing to assert it wasn’t the G word. Shouldn’t we talk about it? Isn’t it past time that we stood up to Turkey for our grandparents? And, give our voices to tell their stories? Don’t we owe them that?

My grandfather was one of my heroes and my greatest role model. His name was Karnig. He was just a boy when his mother and sisters were massacred in their town of Marash. My grandfather escaped the same fate because he was in the wrong place at the right time. For the next few years, he and his dad would share the collective odyssey of the ‘lucky’ Armenians who made their way from their homeland to distant lands all over the globe. Before he died, Karnig wrote a letter to our family telling us what happened to his family during the Armenian Genocide and how he managed to survive.

I am determined to tell my grandfather’s history. I cannot remain silent when I hear any person or government deny the truth about the atrocities committed upon millions of innocent Armenians by the Ottoman Turks. It is past the time for every Armenian and Turk to see history as it was. This step is critical if our people and nations wish to go forward on the path toward a future peace.

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