Turkey’s Military Museum Hall of Armenian Issue with Documents

I was curious when I saw an article posted online by the Associated Press today. It mentions the existence of the “Hall of Armenian Issue with Documents,” which is located in Istanbul. When I read a description of what it contains, my heart cried.

  • How can Armenia and Turkey achieve a real and lasting peace when generations of Turks have been indoctrinated to believe that Armenians were the aggressors during the atrocities committed in 1915?
  • What will be the fate of the Armenians in the world’s collective memory if the Protocol is signed between Armenia and Turkey, before Turkey acknowledges the truth–that genocide was committed by the Ottoman Turks?

I started this blog because I sincerely want the world to know what happened to my grandfather Karnig, his sisters and his mother, during the Armenian Genocide. My intent for this blog: https://armeniangenocideblog.wordpress.com is for it to serve as a forum for Armenians to honor the memories of their family members.

While I did not want this blog to depart from that vision, this moment in world politics interrupted my project plan. At first glance I was relieved to hear the news that Armenia and Turkey were seeking peace through a Protocol. But, as I read more about the dynamics of the process and the details of the Protocol, I recognized this diplomatic initiative will not serve Armenia, and it will exacerbate the open wound which remains in the collective heart of the Armenian diaspora.

  • What good is peace when only one side stands to gain?
  • How can such a peace last?

Once the Protocol is signed, how will Armenians the world over succeed in compelling Turkey to do what is morally right–to stop actively bearing false witness (paying lobbyists to convince our lawmakers to vote against resolutions acknowledging the Armenian Genocide, pressuring school districts and universities to remove mentions of the Armenian Genocide from their curriculum and textbooks, referring to the “so-called” “Armenian Issue”…maintaining the “Hall of Armenian Issue with Documents”…)?

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