We need your family history and testimony about the Armenian Genocide

How can children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Armenian Genocide victims participate in the international dialogue of the moment?

In the Protocols signed by Armenia and Turkey, Turkey pledged to establish a commission to “investigate the Armenian Issue.” Each and every Armenian with a family history connected to the Armenian Genocide is invited to come forward now. The citizens of the world are waiting to hear from you. Please share your family history and testimony.

For more information about how you can participate, please send your confidential message using the comment form below.

2 Responses to We need your family history and testimony about the Armenian Genocide

  1. Taline says:

    I’m the grand child of a woman that was 10 years old child when the genocide took place, she passed away 10 years ago at the age of 91, she lost her father at the genocide her younger brother , her uncles & relatives she use to tell us that her mother covered the furniture of their home with white sheets with the hope that they will return one day but they never did..
    At the last years of her life she lost her memory she was only remembering her childhood in “Anteb” the place she comes from, her uncles & their home with that big balcony that she use to wait for her uncles to come & take her to a trip in the city cause they use to have horses with carriage that they use it to carry people like taxies..
    She came to Syria with her mother, her widow mother got married with another man..

    My grand mom got married at 16 with an Armenian young man that have been lost his whole family at “Anteb” he survived come to Syria & stayed with a Muslim family,luckily he was at his 16 so he always remembered his religion & his nation..

    My grand father died at the age of 41 he was known as “chata” cause he used to have battles with the Turks that was coming back to Aleppo to kill the Armenian survivors
    Marry & Hagop Semerjians are only two of thousands of survivors from the bloody days of 1915 & I’m the second generation of the genocide, maybe politicians now trying to ignore the truth but only we & God knows about that black days about one & a half million innocent souls..

  2. Rita says:

    My great-grandfather was taken away by Turkish soldiers. They told him they were going to make him join the army. My grandfather and his sisters said that that was the last time they ever saw him. My great-grandfather had tears in his eyes as he was forcefully taken away by turks.

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