Prime Minister Erdogan tells Charlie Rose Armenian Genocide “is completely a lie” (Dec. 2009)

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan was interviewed by Charlie Rose on December 8, 2009.

Here is the excerpt from the Charlie Rose interview transcript discussing the Armenian Genocide and relations with Armenia  (You can find this segment of the interview at approximately 39 minutes into the show)

CHARLIE ROSE: Speaking of the Armenian church and that, there is now
an agreement between Turkey and Armenia. What is necessary in order to —
what more evidence does history need with respect to the genocide?

RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN: Let me first of all say that you say of
genocide, speak of genocide. I would be sorry to hear you say that. I can
say very clearly that we do not accept genocide. This is completely a lie.

I invite people to prove it. I wrote a letter in 2005, and I said
that this is not up to politicians. It is up to historians to look into
this. We have opened our archives. We have all the documents there. And
in our archives more than one million documents were already looked at.
Today it’s even more than that. And we have opened the archives of the

And I asked the Armenian side to open their archives and let third
countries have documents. We made a call for that too so that people could
look into all of these documents and we could all decide and see what’s
going on.

But it’s — this is not about lobbying and going to politicians and
asking them to take certain decisions. This is not really the way to go.
Something like this is really not possible, and there is no truth to it.

CHARLIE ROSE: Did President Obama bring it up with you? Has he
discussed it with you?

RECEP TAYYIP ERDOGAN: I have spoken with him, yes. Of course, this
most recent normalization process between Turkey and Armenia was important.
This was the context in which we discussed these issues.

And let me say to the normalization process. It was Turkey that
initiated the normalization process. It was Turkey that took upon itself
the risk.

We believe in ourselves. What we would like to see is for this
normalization process to go forward. And in that it’s important that we go
into that and the Karavak issue between Azerbaijan and Armenia be resolved.
There is an occupation. We have to solve that problem.

There are three countries involved — United States, the Russian
Federation, and France. The Minsk (ph) group, why hasn’t it solved the
problem in the last 20 years? The problem has to be solved.

And once that problem is solved then that region will be a region of
peace. Why? Because once the problem between Azerbaijan and Armenia is
solved, that hatred is going to dissipate. There is the decision of the
United Nations Security Council which will be implemented. And the
problems between Turkey and Armenia will definitely be resolved. I believe
in it.

But at the moment, you have the U.S. Congress here, and the U.S.
Congress doesn’t have direct relations with our region. We are there in
that region. We have direct relations. We have direct issues. And it’s
the Turkish parliament who has to make a decision on this agreement between
Turkey and Armenia. They have to approve it.

And of course, the Turkish parliament too is very sensitive about this
issue. And if the positive developments that we would like to see do not
come about, then I do not believe that our parliament will have a positive
result as a result of its deliberations. We will have a secret ballot, but
I don’t believe that without any other positive developments there will be
a positive outcome…

Watch the full interview on (search Erdogan).

3 Responses to Prime Minister Erdogan tells Charlie Rose Armenian Genocide “is completely a lie” (Dec. 2009)

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  2. Dave says:

    Please allow me to state a frank opinion about Erdogan. Are you ready?

    The man is a total nutcase. Seriously. Look at his demeanor and statements since he became Prime Minister of Turkey. He is an emotional, irrational child. He hosts and praises the genocidal butcher from Sudan and denies the Armenian genocide but then, one on one, he calls Israel and its leaders murderers and genocidists in Davos. Israel was wrong on Gaza, but Turkey’s hands are quite unclean. So, for Erdogan to not realize that and instead angrily and irrationially lambast the Israeli prime minister as he did on worldwide TV- well, Erdogan is clearly full of himself, is a hypocrite, and has no self-control. In short, he’s a nut.

    Recently, Erdogan said that if Israel used Turkish airspace to attack Iran, Turkey’s response would be “like an earthquake.” That sort of boasting and bravado is just plain intemperate and stupid. The man cannot control what comes out of his mouth.

    He talks like a street thug. This man is dangerous and fancies himself to be some sort of poet and moral leader, but in actuality he’s a loony bird. Leaders in civilized countries do not talk about “earthquakes” like that. What stupid rhetoric. Only Hitlers and Mussolinis and the leader of North Korea – another nutcase – talk like that. Foreign Minister Davutoglu is another nutcase who is full of himself. Listen to how Erdogan and Davutoglu talk and not necessarily their policies. Erdogan is simply a nutcase Islamist. Europe would not stand for a Christian leader’s talking about religion so much and having an overtly religious agenda. But Europe gives Turkey and Erdogan such slack because they are PC and don’t want to say the truth: Turkey is nutty, inferior, and not civilized. No one wants to say the truth for fear of getting an earful from Turkish nutcases.

    A lot of Westen commentators and Armenians have repeated for years the lie that Erdogan is a “moderate,” but it’s not true and never was. I ask Armenians to please stop repeating the nonsense we read in the NY Times and Wall Street Journal and instead pay attention to what your martyred families are telling you in quiet but insistent whispers about the nature of Turkey. Do you think the NY Times and WSJ know more about Turks than we do? Give me a break.

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