New York Times article about Fethiye Cetin’s family’s Armenian Genocide history

An article about Fethiye Cetin, a prominent member of the estimated 50,000-strong Armenian-Turkish community in Istanbul and one of the country’s leading human rights lawyers, who learned that her grandmother was Armenian.

A Family Tree Uprooted by a 60-Year-Old Secret | New York Times | January 6, 2010

3 Responses to New York Times article about Fethiye Cetin’s family’s Armenian Genocide history

  1. Pat says:

    One must ask why the NY Times has decided to dredge up this Dajgahay’s book which is 4-5 years old to write a story NOW. The answer? Because the NY Times and their allies want to keep pushing this notion of “reconciliation” without addressing or putting to right the underlying issues that caused the ill will. Let us also remember that the untrustworthy Sebnem Arsu contributed to this report, and it shows! The article pretty much says, “See? Armenians living in Turkey want the border to open and for brotherhood to reign across the land first for any sort healing to begin. Why don’t you Diasporans cut it out, stop demanding regret, apologies, compensation and land reparations and just fall into line?” And some kind of human rights lawyer Cetin turned out to be. Are the conditions in Turkey so harsh that even a human rights lawyer should be such a soft-liner? Evidently, yes.

  2. Richard Bedrosian says:

    Pat – I think you have every right to question the motivation of the Times in publishing the article. I don’t think they have the best interests of the Armenians at heart. However, your comments about Fethiye Cetin are ignorant and dead wrong. Fethiye, who is my cousin, has experienced imprisonment, solitary confinement, and torture in her lifetime as a direct result of her political beliefs and advocacy. She continues to experience negative consequences for her willingness to speak publicly about the Genocide. By the way, she served as defense attorney for Hrant Dink, which also had and continues to have negative repercussions for her personally. She has amply demonstrated the courage of her convictions, in ways that very few of us are ever called to do. You owe her an apology.

  3. Stephen Keochakian says:

    Let us talk about what is working and that is what Fethiye Cetin is doing, telling us her story. Look at the projects she has completed, Habap a village in eastern Turkey near the city of Elazig has been given the opportunity to confront their history with the Armenian population of the region. We wont be able to change the NY Times but we can share our joy and pleasure of the good deeds of those few who dare to question the established system. Fethiye has earned our support and respect.

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