More recommended Armenian-Genocide reading resources

This post comes from G. Mazloumian:

Aunt Sheri: Thank you for this list of essentials. We are already benefiting from your ongoing research by receiving your recommendations. If there are children in the house, readers may wish to seek out these age-appropriate books about the Armenians, the Armenian Genocide, and even in some cases, the pogroms against native Armenians in Karabagh and Baku, Azerbaijan:


  • The Hunger by Marsha Skrypuch (Boardwalk Book/ The Dundurn Group)
  • Nobody’s Child by Marsha Skrypuch (Boardwalk Book/ The Dundurn Group)
  • Aram’s Choice by Marsha Skrypuch (Fitzhenry Whiteside)
  • Call Me Aram by Marsha Skrypuch (Fitzhenry Whiteside)
  • Daughter of War by Marsha Skrypuch (Fitzhenry Whiteside)

Genocide narratives:

  • Some of Us Survived by Kerop Bedoukian (Farrar, Straus & Giroux)
  • The Road from Home by David Kherdian (Greenwillow Books)
  • Forgotten Fire by Adam Baghdasarian (Laurel Leaf Books)
  • An Armenian Family by Keith Elliott Greenberg (Lerner Publication Group)


  • Armenia: A Rugged Land, an Enduring People by Lucine Kasbarian (Dillon Press/ Simon & Schuster)
  • Armenia by Martin Hintz (Children’s Press)
  • Armenia by Sakina Dhilawala (Marshall Cavendish Children’s Books)
  • Armenia Then and Now by Lerner Geography Dept (Lerner Publication Group)

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