Entries sought for Armenian writing contest

Hometownlife.com | January 17, 2010


Watch out for the awful comment at the bottom of the post (on the Hometownlife.com site page). This is unfortunately typical of what I’m finding on many Internet sites where Armenians assert ourselves and tell our stories about the Armenian Genocide. We must not be discouraged, but rather encouraged to do what’s right—this means telling the truth about the genocide committed by the Ottoman Turks. We must honor the memories of our beloved Armenian grandparents and great-grandparents, as  well as the lives of every Armenian man, woman and child who died for no reason other than the fact that they were born Armenian in Turkey.

No one has the right to bully, deny, disrespect or obstruct the truth. Remember, it is only through continued pressure by Armenians and our governments that there is any hope the Turkish government will change its policy of denial and their sustained multimillion dollar PR campaigns (funding our politicans’ campaigns) to sway votes in the US Congress and UK Parliament (to name just two).

Get smart. Read about our history (for book suggestions, see my posts from last week). Know the facts for yourself. There are so many facts documented, it’s a question of informing yourself. Remember, our governments also know the truth, but foreign policies which allow Turkey to deny the Armenian Genocide are ‘playing politics’ at the expense of the sacred memories of our ancestors. And, worst of all, our leaders mistakenly think this episode in our history doesn’t matter enough to us to fight for its recognition. So, please stand up and let your voice be heard.

One Response to Entries sought for Armenian writing contest

  1. Deirdre Bobseine says:

    You know it’s posts like this that can really spur people on to grasp the path of writing. I found this post to be genuinely informative. I will be coming back here for more reading as I really enjoyed this!

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