Times Square Armenian Genocide Commemoration—April 25, 2010


Armenian Genocide Commemoration in Times Square

  • Rally
  • Sunday, April 25 at 2:00pm
  • New York  (Broadway between 43rd and 44th streets)

For more information about 95th Anniversary commemorations in Times Square, New York, and other cities please click here

I regret admitting that last year was the first year I attended this rally. For years, my Aunt Seda (Zarian) asked me to join her for this important event. As best as I can recall, years ago, the Armenians would walk from St. Vartan’s Cathedral to the UN Headquarters in New York City. When I was younger, my aunt talked about this past history as if it were relevant to our lives today. It is, but my thinking was so misguided when I was younger. It isn’t that I didn’t care—in my heart I wanted for Armenians and Turks to get along. Dr. Zaven Daderian, my senior year Sunday School teacher at the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs (in Bayside, NY), also taught me a great deal about our Armenian history. It was Dr. Daderian who explained that Turkey’s government actively denies the Armenian Genocide today. I wish for this policy to change because there are many good Turkish people, including the Turkish family who saved my grandfather and great grandfather in Marash, in 1920.

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    For more details about April 25, 2010 Times Square event, please see:


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