Armenian Genocide denial at work—Contact Christian Science Monitor editors

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Please contact the editors of The Christian Science Monitor and send them information about the Armenian Genocide, especially any connection your family may have to the atrocities.

Unfortunately, the Turkish lobby is hard at work doing everything it can to deny the Armenian Genocide. The Christian Science Monitor’s article is proof:


Click here to send your feedback to the Christian Science Monitor’s Comments and Corrections

Please pass these links on to everyone in your network who will write to them, too:

Also, please read about the following firms (and there are more like them). Contact each firm by letter, email, and phone calls. Let them know that people do care about the issue of genocide denial. It is relevant today because genocide is still committed, in part because governments are still getting the message that they can get away with murder.

  • According to public records, the public relations firm Fleishman-Hillard has a $113,000-a-month contract with Turkey
  • American military contractors, including the chief executive officers of Boeing, Lockheed Martin and three other defense firms signed a joint letter last Friday warning that the resolution posed “negative repercussions for U.S. geopolitical interests and efforts to boost both exports and employments”

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4 Responses to Armenian Genocide denial at work—Contact Christian Science Monitor editors

  1. Shame on a populace who kill and deny
    They got all lands and belonging of innocent people, unarmed
    Is this a humanity I ask?
    They did and slayed one by one… with out asking their god.
    My lands are still with them, They killed my grandfather ‘Mihran’ and all his relatives and now they deny!
    His Uncle was a famous lawyer in town–Garabed Dabaghian, is this a lie?
    I repeat, shame on populace who kill and deny,
    I wonder…What sort of humans’ they are ?

  2. Armenian Genocide Is Not a Shakespearian Play

    What is genocide?
    Vanishing a gene!
    Genes of virtuous people
    Who built Etchmiadzin!*

    I opened my eyes,
    Hearing genocide,
    When my ancestors
    Perished in their homeland.

    The Turkish emperors
    Established cultures,
    Killing a loyal nation,
    Cleansing them, unsound.

    Most nations
    Recognized our genocide,
    But civilized courts deliberately ignored,
    Leaving hopes of sufferers to rot!

    How we can forget
    Our sad events?
    If we try to forget,
    Our descent will end!

    Kill a young man and say,
    “This was war’s turmoil.”
    Crush scholars’ skulls
    Smash the contents’ core.
    To state, “That’s anatomy lesson,
    Who said genocide?”
    * Etchmiadzin: First Christian temple built in AD 303, still exists in Armenia.
    It was rebuilt in AD 480 as a cathedral.
    It is the holy place for Armenian community.
    second page

    Lance bellies of pregnant brides
    With scimitar sword
    To guess the unborn sex.
    Yet unseen the light:
    This is C-section,*
    Unnamed genocide!

    Run after virgin girls—
    Enjoy endless rape
    Till they reach a stage
    To take lives away!
    This is Eden’s garden.
    Never counts genocide!

    Hurl boys in rivers
    In cold April spring,
    Forcing them to swim,
    Ending lives in streams.
    Say, this is a jape,
    None says genocide!

    Put gendarme on doors,
    Counting all households,
    Turning houses to prisons.
    No one can escape!
    Collecting them, then
    Chucking them in carts
    Pushing them hungry
    To sunny desert—Der Zor;**
    Then declare, “This is a camping ground,
    Never shades genocide!”
    * C-section: Cesarean section
    ** Der Zor: Syrian Desert; Armenians are massacred there. Memorials were built in 1990.
    Syrian people used to say; it shines at night because of the phosphorus of bones.
    Until this date pieces of bones seen easily in sands in piles, in Der Zor desert and
    the surrounding areas.
    Third Page

    How can we forget
    The ancient land we left?
    We left everything—
    From pen to ink.

    Treasures we forgot,
    Plants, animals,
    Is it fair to forget
    The dear ones we left?

    We became immigrants
    Near to far-away lands.
    Humans’ looked after us
    Since 1915.

    We started our life,
    Working keen and hard,
    Begging from no one
    Silently, blaming our God!

    We became their guests—
    Flourishing in host lands.
    Never knew others
    Hurting Armenian hearts.

    They respected us,
    This was genetically natural;
    Without any knowledge
    What meant, human rights!

    They called us
    Trustful, peaceful,
    Precise people
    In any job, minds crafts.

    Rich Bedouins* took women
    As their second wives
    After saving their lives
    From bloody rivers piled.
    * www, photos of Armenian woman tattooed by Bedouins; the banner says,
    “We are sisters in sorrow.” Source: Nubarian Library (Paris-France);
    Armenian Genocide Museum (Yerevan-Armenia)
    Page four

    They could not pronounce
    Their difficult names.
    They called them Miriam
    (Messiah’s mother name),
    Respecting their religion,
    Never forcing their faith!
    Same religion as Turks
    But courteousness genes, bates.

    Every Armenian has a story to tell,
    Access the Internet to read agonies there.
    Civilized senators, knowing human rights,
    Still sinfully deny the century-long genocide!

    Holocaust sufferers
    Also forgot us!
    God, can you hear
    How humans bend to unfair fear?

    Our deep, unhealed pain,
    We feel intensely in our arteries, nerves, veins.
    We feel with all human souls,*
    Lamenting their losses from core to core.

    If every Turk were author Orhan,**
    No one will slaughter Kurds and Armenians!
    If every parliament respected the human soul,
    No one will follow the criminal’s goal.

    Killer genes need mapping,
    Altering to the kindest type.
    Aiming for scientific miracles
    Vanish, the genes of genocide!
    * Genocide sufferers are Armenians, Assyrians, Greek, Ukrainians, Jews, Gypsies,Slavs, Russians, Chinese, Ibos, Bengalis, Guatemalans, Cambodians, Indonesians,
    East Timorese, Burundians, Ugandans, Sudanese, Rwandans, Koreans, Kosovans,Kurds, and Iraqi Shiite
    ** Orhan Pamuk: Turkish novelist prosecuted for reporting that the Ottoman Empire
    massacred thirty thousand Kurds and a million Armenians. He is the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006.

    From the book ” A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides”

  3. If The Christian… And Science… And Monitor
    Doubtful to know about Armenian Genocide,
    That is a real tragedy.
    The name is Christian doesn’t know about ‘Etchmiadzin’!!!*
    Hence their News paper should change the name to another one
    I suggest Non-Christian…Non-Science…
    Hence, monitored by Hilary and her team.
    Real Arts of Christianity aroused from Etchmiadzin.
    The monitor should teach us…Not Us teaching them.
    This is a Hilarious Act!
    * Etchmiadzin: First Christian temple built in AD 303, still exists in Armenia.
    It was rebuilt in AD 480 as a cathedral.
    It is the holy place for Armenian Nation.

  4. auntsherisays says:

    Thank you to all blog readers who wrote to the Christian Science Monitor last week about their reporting on the Armenian Genocide resolution (HR 252) passed by the US Congress.

    The Christian Science Monitor published a more realistic and balanced Opinion piece online on March 8, 2010:

    “Armenian Genocide Resolution: President Obama and the price of moral courage”

    Here is the linK (you’ll need to cut and paste it into your browser):

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