Google ‘Armenian Genocide Pictures’

If you have the stomach to handle it, google ‘Armenian Genocide Pictures’ and see the results for yourself. You will see thousands of images that will be seared into your consciousness from archives, private collections, books, libraries and museums around the world. The newspaper accounts within Turkey and here in the US provide some of the most damning evidence of the atrocities committed upon the Armenians by the Turkish leadership during the years before and after 1915.

Earlier tonight I posted an article written by Ron Kampeas and highlighted the following paragraph:

…there’s no question what recent Jewish theory teaches out about the Armenian genocide: That it was, indeed, a genocide. In 1986, I took Yad Vashem’s 3-week intensive study course on the Shoah, and I’ll never forget what Yehuda Bauer — the preeminent Shoah scholar — taught us: The Armenian genocide was the Holocaust’s “cousin if not its brother.” What persuaded him, he said, was evidence that the Ottomans looked to physicians to facilitate the massacres — a precursor of the science the Germans used to speed up their genocide just decades later.

For Turkey to blame  the Armenian Diaspora for causing the House Foreign Affairs Committee to pass HR 252—consequently  insulting Turkey—is perverse (akin to the domestic batterer accusing the victim of slandering him for speaking out).

I wish I could speak to the family of the righteous Turk who saved my grandfather and great-grandfather, but, sadly that act was not considered heroic in Turkey; it was punishable by death. And, it is still a crime to ‘insult Turkishness’. Perhaps it is the current Turkish Government and its policies that is insulting Turkishness.

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