Armenian genocide talk has Turkey threatening to expel Armenians

Erdogan’s latest threat (told to the BBC Turkish service in London on Tuesday, according to Reuters):

“There are currently 170,000 Armenians living in our country. Only 70,000 of them are Turkish citizens, but we are tolerating the remaining 100,000. If necessary, I may have to tell these 100,000 to go back to their country because they are not my citizens. I don’t have to keep them in my country.

“Armenia has an important decision to make,” he said. “It should free itself from its attachments to the diaspora. Any country which cares for Armenia, namely the US, France and Russia, should primarily help Armenia to free itself from the influence of the diaspora.”

Read the entire article:

Armenian genocide talk has Turkey threatening to expel Armenians
Christian Science Monitor | March 17, 2010

Coverage from Lebanon:

Editorial: An inexplicable triple threat
The Daily Star | March 18, 2010


We are all Enver
Armenian Weekly | March 16, 2010

2 Responses to Armenian genocide talk has Turkey threatening to expel Armenians

  1. Lucine Kasbarian says:

    Erdogan threatens to “send Armenians back to their country.” If this were true, all of us, exiles and migrants alike, would be back in our native Western Armenia !

    My modest proposal is to return the occupiers, the Turks, to their natural habitat as well: Central Asia.

    One blogger yesterday put Erdogan’s pronouncements quite aptly: “You Armenians shall endure a second genocide if you dare speak of the first.”

    More here:
    Erdogan’s Threat of Deportations: A Chilling Reminder of Turkey’s Policies
    Asbarez * March 17, 2010’s-threat-of-deportations-a-chilling-reminder-of-turkey’s-policies/

  2. Michael says:

    Studies show that there are only 5 to 12 thousand Armenian workers from Armenia in Turkey, not the
    100,000 claimed by Erdogan.

    Armenians in general – as well as Assyrians and Greeks – have more right to reside on their native lands in what is now erroneously termed “Turkey” than do Turks themselves.

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