No, dear prime minister, don’t touch the Armenians, protect them

As I interview adult children of Armenian Genocide survivors, I am struck by how many of them tell me their parents spoke Turkish and listened to Turkish music at home. Some of the children (mostly American born) also know at least a few Turkish words and sayings. I am amused by the number of Armenians who admit that they secretly like to dine at Turkish restaurants “because it is our food, too”.

In some ways, Armenians coming from Turkey have more of a connection to Turkey than to present-day Armenia, because what is now Turkey was their ancestral homeland. Ninety-five years ago, Armenians lived side-by-side with Turks and still counted some of their Turkish neighbors as friends. Yet, they knew to always be on their guard, because ‘every 20 years’ there would be massacres—the Turkish authorities regarded Armenians as giavours (infidels or animals). Western minds, including many Turks today, can’t conceive of the indignities Armenians endured under the rule of the Ottoman Turks.

Another voice from inside Turkey:

No, dear prime minister, don’t touch the Armenians, protect them
Hurriyet Daily News | March 17, 2010

2 Responses to No, dear prime minister, don’t touch the Armenians, protect them

  1. Joyce Chorbajian says:

    To add to your remarks…having Turkish music and speaking Turkish was truly a result of having been born in Turkey. Regardless of the Genocide, my parents and their friends enjoyed the language, music, food, and let us not forget the swearing.
    Swearing in Turkish is an art form. Armenian really does not have swears and I was rather surprised to learn this from my parents. But Turkish takes swearing to a new level. Swearing in English doesn’t hold a candle to swearing in Turkish!

  2. Barkev Asadourian says:

    brkv36 says:
    March 18, 2010 at 11:57 amWhat you thing Mr. Assitant of Sultan Hamid is there different between you and your Boss,
    absulely, you still blaming ottoman empire that the Armenian Genocide done by them, now this is
    big proof that Turk people are the same in the PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE have to know
    USA AND EUROPE WITH OTHER CIVILIZED COUNTRIES they Genocide and through them
    out of their HISTORICAL LANDS on which basis you are supporting LIERS people,you Mr.Justice
    Minister U.k. how come you are rejecting the Resulation of Armenian Genocide to represent in the
    Lord House for voting, shame for you and your Government.look Sweden Parliment as well
    Spanish parliment too, Armenian People wants you to REACT YOUR THOUGHTS and
    Reconize the Genocide as well to stop support turks!!!

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