Haunting echoes of Armenian Genocide in Darfur

The Armenian community faces many challenges, but we are a strong people and we are survivors. As we strive to gain more official government recognition of the Armenian Genocide, it is also incumbent upon us to fight the crime of genocide and help victims of all genocides.

American actress Mia Farrow is a champion of civil rights. She speaks out about the ongoing genocide in Darfur and seeks support from all of us. She recently shared her first-hand knowledge of the atrocities in Darfur with Armenians in Cambridge, Massachussetts. In addition to reading the article, please visit her website (see links below):

Mia Farrow Shares Darfur Experience at Holy Trinity
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator | May 10, 2010


One Response to Haunting echoes of Armenian Genocide in Darfur

  1. sammyljackson says:

    It’s crazy that in this day and age there is still genocide happening on this planet. It’s hard to appreciate how horrific it actually can be. I’ve heard this new flick Attack on Darfur is a realistic depiction of what’s actually going on.

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