The ugly politics of denying the Armenian Genocide

Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide | June 16, 2010

Editor’s Note:

Prior to April 2010, several articles posted on this blog assailed the United States’ official foreign policy and President Obama’s decision to break his campaign promise to recognize the Armenian Genocide as genocide. It should be noted that Great Britain has also failed to stand up to Turkey. To attempt to understand the reasons why each of these democratic countries have historically placated Turkey rather than simply state the facts as they are clearly known by each government, requires a good deal of reading. Be assured that there is no shortage of official documentation in US and British government archives, as well as in Germany and France. It may surprise you to know that Turkey’s archives provided esteemed Turkish scholar Taner Akcam all of the information he needed to write , A Shameful Act, which is one of the definitive books about the Armenian Genocide and the political history of the time.

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