Armenian Genocide Reparations, Restitution and Good Over Evil

Ninth Circuit Court Rules California Law on Armenian Genocide-Era Claims Constitutional
Armenian Weekly | December 10, 2010

Related Historical Fact From the Armenian Genocide:

One of the most shocking testimonies about Talaat Pasha, one of the masterminds and perpetrators of the Armenian Genocide, was related by U.S. Ambassador Henry Morgenthau:

One day Talaat made what was perhaps the most astonishing request I had ever heard. The New York Life Insurance Company and the Equitable Life of New York had for years done considerable business among the Armenians. The extent to which this people insured their lives was merely another indication of their thrifty habits.

“I wish,” Talaat now said, “that you would get the American life insurance companies to send us a complete list of their Armenian policy holders. They are practically all dead now and have left no heirs to collect the money. It of course all escheats to the State. The Government is the beneficiary now. Will you do so?”

This was almost too much, and I lost my temper.

“You will get no such list from me,” I said, and I got up and left him.

The original book, Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, is out-of-print. But, you can read it online here:

We owe our gratitude to Ambassador Morgenthau for his extensive testimony and communications beseeching the U.S. to intervene on behalf of the Armenians.

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One Response to Armenian Genocide Reparations, Restitution and Good Over Evil

  1. Morgenthau’s Genes Continue Seeding Humanity

    Morgenthau’s phrases are still alive. Will remain alive
    Like any mastermind poet who felt with pains of every race.
    Those mercilessly slayed, without rationale,
    Betraying them, those build artfully Ottoman’s glory.

    Morgenthau’s name can never vanish
    By illiterate criminal hands, as they will remain illiterates,
    Their stolen alphabet first from Arabic Holy Quran
    Later from ancient respectful Latin

    Would never be easy teaching them.
    A race that lost even minute feelings
    Killing without regrets.

    However Morgenthau’s cohorts are still feeling
    With their grandfather’s internal sufferings
    As if his soul is still alive
    In spite of almost a century elapsed.
    Rehearsing his book, that was written with injured hands.

    Inherited genes of a real man are born to serve humanity
    Such genes will continue to race
    To abolish inhumanitarian savageness
    That birthed in creatures, which are born barbarous.
    Those should not breathe with any humanitarian race.
    Those, who still pursue spreading venomous phrases,
    And try slaying sufferers’ tongues and pens;
    Infuriating bribing trustful races, want to live in peace
    With every religion with their prayers and grace.

    “Let us praise for those who helped and still helping us.
    And neglect whoever intentionally wants to abolish
    Memories of our slaughtered orphans.”

    Morgenthau and Lemkin were born of Jewish DNA
    Without their published books,
    We might never prove our genocide.
    In spite of many conscientious authors like them
    Still some faithless beings…raise doubts!

    April 30, 2010

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