Exhibit of Armenian architects contributions in Istanbul

This is a remarkable and historic development in Turkey. The exhibit runs through January 2, 2011:

Istanbul’s Armenian architects remembered in exhibition
Hurriyet | December 9, 2010

This news reminded me of a conversation I had with the daughter of an Armenian man born in Istanbul in 1898. Her father was the architect for the Armenian Church of the Holy Martyrs in Bayside, New York. His name was Manoug Exerjian. Manoug’s daughter told me that when her dad was a young man, he was awarded first place in an architectural competition for his design of a mosque in Istanbul. However, when it was discovered that Manoug was Armenian, the prize was rescinded. Not long after that, his family sent their beloved son away from Turkey to save him from suffering the same fate as over 1 million of his Armenian brethren, who lost their lives in the Armenian Genocide.

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One Response to Exhibit of Armenian architects contributions in Istanbul

  1. Armenians’ Awake
    Are they praising us 
    To kill us once again?
    To forget our Genocide 
    Our blood…Our unhealed scars
    Our weep…Our pains…!

    Please, Don’t believe… 
    Yes…I say, “Awake and Awake.”
    We’re innocent people 
    They cab vanish us 
    Without help…without regrets…!
    Never to forget
    We were genocided many times 
    Many centuries… many decades…!

    From year AD 1064…
    Till Hrant Dink’s killing day (January 19, 2007)
    And will continue more and more…!
    The slayers’ DNA can’t change
    Over night to behave saints…!

    December 13, 2010

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