The Questions of Armenian Genocide Denial and Insulting Turkishness

I consider myself a reasonable and intelligent person. Yet, I fail to understand how Turkey has succeeded at bullying the world’s most powerful governments and leaders when it comes to Armenian Genocide recognition. 

  • Is it because there is a multimillion dollar industry built upon the lobbying for genocide denial? 
  • If Britain, the US, and Israel actually went on the record using the G-word, would Turkey actually stop all trade and military cooperation?
  • How is genocide denial in any country’s or peoples’ best interests?
  • Who benefits from genocide denial?
  • What greater good does such a policy serve?
  • Are the citizens of Turkey really better off because their government refuses to apologize for the past and thereby keeps its heinous deeds very much in the present?

Today, it is a crime in Turkey to insult Turkishness. At one time, my relatives were proud Turkish citizens. They spoke Turkish, listened to Turkish music, drank Turkish coffee, and loved the soil on which they were born. Is that Turkishness? 

When Sultan Hamid massacred the Armenians and the Ottoman Turks systematically decimating the Armenian Turks, many members of my family were killed because they were Christian and Armenian. Were the Turkish leaders’ acts  Turkishness’? 

My grandfather wrote a letter to his children telling of the Turkish family who risked their own lives to give him and his father refuge until they could escape from the Turkish soldiers hunting them down with the sole intent to kill them. Who was displaying Turkishness: the Turkish family or the Turkish soldiers? 

Who represents Turkishness today: the Turkish people who wish to make peace with their Armenian brethern or the Turkish Government who promotes and perpetuates genocide denial? 

P.S. As an American I am sad to see my government insulting Americanness.

One Response to The Questions of Armenian Genocide Denial and Insulting Turkishness

  1. David says:

    Lots of countries have recognized the Armenian genocide with little or no repurcussions. ANCA has documented this.

    Turkey is great at bluffing, and most Western nations are essentially wimps who are cowed by Turkish bluster. That explains a lot of it.

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