April genocide remembrance and avoidance

April has the unfortunate distinction of being the month in which both the Armenian Genocide and Rwandan Genocide were initiated. I wonder how many Armenians and Rwandans are aware of the striking similarities between the Armenian Genocide and the Rwandan Genocide.

20th Century Mass Killings Remembered
Voice of America | April 18, 2011

April is also the month in which US Presidents seem to dissassociate from their moral convictions concerning the Armenian Genocide:

Obama’s lack of moral clarity on Armenian genocide issue
LA Times | April 20, 2011

One Response to April genocide remembrance and avoidance

  1. Dawnn Ariana says:

    I have spent the past five months in Rwanda studying the Rwandan genocide and the reconstruction and healing process 19 years later. I had never actually even heard of the Armenian genocide prior to visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial here in Rwanda and visiting the Wasted Lives exhibit. It reflects upon genocides of the past including that of Armenia and Cambodia among others. Thank you for starting a blog about this and being a voice for atrocities of this sort. You can read my insights at http://www.anewdawnn.wordpress.com

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