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Turkey slams Argentine Judge ruling blaming Ottomans for Armenian genocide | April 13, 2011

Armenian genocide memorialized on L.A.-area freeway signs
Los Angeles Times | April 2, 2011

Obama read Turkish Premier’s “important” letter | December 22, 2010

Armenian Resolution Not On Daily Agenda Of U.S. House Of Representatives
Turkish Weekly | December 22, 2010

Armenian Genocide resolution may not face vote–Some officials unlikely to vote in favor of it for fear of upsetting Turkey, a NATO and U.S. military ally
Glendale News Press | December 22, 2010

HR 252: Genocide resolution left off floor debate, but House reconvenes
Armenia Now | December 22, 2010

Controversial genocide resolution may hit floor of House in final days | December 19, 2010

U.S. Court of Appeals Ruling: Major Setback for German Companies and Turkish Denialists
Huffington Post | December 17, 2010

Yerevan Hosts International Conference on Genocide Prevention, Condemnation and Elimination | December 14, 2010

Times Square 95th Anniversary Commemoration Armenian Genocide
Knights & Daughters of Vartan (Press Release) | February 4, 2010

Beck and crew mock Armenian genocide recognition resolution, ask if U.S. should apologize for genocide | March 5, 2010

Genocide discussion arouses Wilmington High students
Armenian Reporter | March 16, 2010

French President thanked for “consistency” on Armenian Genocide
Armenian Reporter | March 10, 2010

Turkey still frosty with U.S. over Armenian genocide move
CNN | March 9, 2010

Australian MP Apologizes for Denying Pontian-Greek, Armenian, Assyrian Genocide
Greek Reporter Australia | March 6, 2010

Obama in a bind over Armenian Genocide
Yahoo News | February 27, 2010

Clinton Soft on Armenian Genocide Resolution | February 25, 2010

Battle Over History
60 Minutes | CBS News | February 28, 2010

Turkey Slams U.S. Over Armenian Genocide Bill
Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty | February 9, 2010

Armenia and Turkey: The truce in need of a rescue
Opinion | Los Angeles Times | February 5, 2010

Genocide charge now possible for Sudan’s al Bashir | February 3, 2010

Has failure of US policy-makers to confront past genocides materially contributed to an international environment which tolerates continued crimes against humanity? | December 21, 2009

Cyprus parliament president calls to recognize Genocide | November 25, 2009

Tension, Emotion at Harvard Turkish-Armenian Forum
The Armenian Mirror-Spectator | November 20, 2009

Israel supports Armenians people in struggle for Historic justice | November 19, 2009

Yerevan ‘Hails’ International Genocide Affirmation | November 17, 2009

Hold onto what you have with both hands | August 28, 2009

Britain accused of ‘genocide denial’ over Armenia | Tuesday 3 November 2009

Armenian nationalists may derail peace with Turkey
Reuters | November 3, 2009

Children of Armenia, a new book by Michael Bobelian
Washington Post Review | November 1, 2009

Historiographic Perversion: A new book about Genocide denial by Marc Nichanian
Armenian Reporter | October 28, 2009

Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Addresses Questions on the Protocols for the Process of Normalization of Relations Between Armenia and Turkey | | October 23, 2009

As Genocide Continues to Shape World History, Landmark Conference will Seek Answers and Understanding | Reuters | October 21, 2009

Kirk Challenges Obama Support For Historical Commission |

Turkey and Armenia: reconciling history |

Armenia and Turkey sign landmark deal |

Al Jazeera English – Focus – Ending the Turkey Armenia standoff

Turkey, Armenia Prepare to Take Step Toward Reconciliation | Wall Street Journal – October 10, 2009

Turkey and Armenia: Bones to pick | The Economist

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Tentative deal between Armenia, Turkey brings opposition from both sides —

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Joint Statement of Major Armenian-American Institutions Welcoming the President of the Republic of Armenia

Turkish Academics To Apologize For Armenian Genocide | Huffington Post

American Red Cross Was The 1st To Help Armenian Genocide Victims | HULIQ

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