Survivor Testimonies

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Alice Khachadoorian-Shnorhokian
Memories still vivid after 95 years | | April 22, 2010

Read 160 eyewitness-survivor testimonies from Armenians collected by Verjiné Svazlian (2004)

Alice Shnorhokian (Posted on The Hub | April 24, 2009)

Armenian Genocide survivor testimonial posted by Zariadris (YouTube):

Hagop H. Asadourian – Part 1

Hagop H. Asadourian – Part 2

Hagop H. Asadourian – Part 3

Armenian Genocide survivor video testimonials posted by Ilonamna (YouTube):

Posts from readers:

Taline Semerjian

Jacqueline Ajamian

Raechel Harrison Schultz


Turkish Atrocities:
Statements of American missionaries on the destruction of Christian Communities in Ottoman Turkey, 1915-1917

Oral Histories:

Survivors: An Oral History of the Armenian Genocide
By Lorna Touryan Miller

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