The April 24, 1915 Ottoman Turkish document ordering the Armenian Genocide

March 16, 2011

The first genocide of the 20th Century was perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks. In March 2011, despite all the evidence, the Turkish Government continues its active campaign denying the genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians which climaxed in 1915 (see a photo of the original Instruction of the Ministry of the Interior, April 24, 1915). 

The Ottoman Turks’ heinous atrocities were committed to achieve its objectives of ethnic cleansing and the simultaneous creation of a new Muslim middleclass. The elimination of the minority Armenian peoples that exceeded 10 percent of the country’s population in key interior regions (the historic Armenian homeland) was imperative to the Ottoman Turks. This last point was critical when the US and European powers sought to divide the spoils of their victory following World War I. (For a full explanation, read Turkish scholar Taner Akcam’s brilliant book, A Shameful Act). Also, refer to the March 15, 2011 blog post on this site for links to the award-winning 2010 German documentary, Aghet – A Genocide)

See a photo of the original Instruction of the Ministry of the Interior on April 24 document:

The list of Armenian notables deported from Constantinople in 1915 (this event is comparable to Kristallnacht):

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New links for award-winning German documentary, ‘Aghet – A Genocide’

March 15, 2011

‘Aghet – A Genocide’ is one of the most important efforts to document the Armenian Genocide. The following links were sent with a request to please post them to the website:

Watch the documentary:

Learn more about the film:

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90 years later Turkey tried to discredit Armenian Genocide eyewitness accounts in UK

June 2, 2010

Story of The Blue Book on Genocide told in documentary
The Armenian Reporter | June 2, 2010

Article excerpt:

Oxford University Armenian Society and Aegis Society just hosted the screening of ‘The Blue Book, Witnessing History’, a new observational documentary examining Turkey’s efforts to deny Armenian Genocide.

The film focused on Ara Sarafian’s campaign to reject a petition by Turkish Grand National Assembly sent to the British Parliament in 2005 asking the UK Parliament to repudiate the veracity of the 1916 Blue Book, a collection of eyewitness accounts on the genocide.

More about German Armenian Genocide documentary Aghet

April 22, 2010

Film on Armenian Genocide wins praise in Germany, outrages the Turks | April 22, 2010

(Read more about the documentary and get links to YouTube: Watch Aghet)

Germany’s ARD documentary ‘Aghet’ about the Armenian Genocide on YouTube

April 17, 2010

On April 9, 2010, ARD, a major television network in Germany, broadcast a 90-minute documentary about the Armenian Genocide. ‘Aghet’ features prominent German actors depicting the roles of the non-Armenian witnesses of the Genocide (e.g. diplomats, medical and military personnel) reciting memoirs of the events in Anatolia during 1915-1916. The documentary is presented in German.

A reader forwarded video links uploaded to YouTube on the Internet:

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New link [This link works as of March 15, 2011]

Germany’s ARD television airing “Aghet” (Catastrophe) Armenian Genocide Documentary

April 8, 2010

“This Friday, to mark the 95th anniversary of the genocide, Germany’s ARD television network will air the elaborately researched documentary ‘Aghet‘ (Armenian for ‘Catastrophe’), which brings the words of diplomats, engineers and missionaries to life”:

Demons of the Past: The Armenian Genocide and the Turks
Der Spiegel (Spiegel Online International) | April 8, 2010

Screening of “The River Ran Red” Armenian Genocide documentary

November 12, 2009

November 21st tribute to Dr. Vartkes Broussalian to include screening of Dr. J. Michael Hagopian’s documentary “The River Ran Red”
Armenian Reporter | November 12, 2009

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