Congress is reconvening Wed – Vote for HR 252, Armenian Genocide Resolution, possible

December 21, 2010

If you do not follow the politics concerning the United States Government’s recognition of the Armenian Genocide, you may not realize the news reported by Asbarez is a significant development (see link below). Despite threats from Turkey, President Obama is not actively pressuring Congress to dismiss the resolution. Past administrations have buckled to Turkey’s demands for political purposes, for decades. However, when President Obama was a senator, he made his views clear that he knows a genocide was committed by the Turkish Government at the beginning of the 20th century.

When you begin to learn about the history surrounding the Armenian Genocide, the eyewitness accounts and records locked in the government archives of the United States, France, and Germany, offer overwhelming evidence that genocide was committed by Turkey. Non-Armenian government diplomats, missionaries, doctors, and nurses, are among the individuals who recorded what they witnessed in letters, cables (telegraphs), photographs, and memoirs. The New York Times, National Geographic and other periodicals of the time also documented what journalists saw happening in Turkey.

Armenians all over the world can tell you some of what their grandparents and great grandparents told them. But, like my grandfather, most of what happened to the survivors remained burned into their memories and souls without ever being fully shared with anyone. Tonight, Armenians across America have hope that tomorrow the few remaining Armenian Genocide survivors may live to know that our government finally publicly will recognize the Armenian Genocide. Please read some of the other pages on this blog to learn more.

White House Indifferent on Genocide Resolution | December 21, 2010

The following outstanding documentary and books are highly recommended:

  • ‘Aghet: Armenian Genocide‘ an award-winning documentary by Germany’s ARD Television and Eric Friedler
  • ‘A Shameful Act’, one of the definitive books about the Armenian Genocide written by Turkish scholar Taner Akcam
  • ‘Armenian Golgotha’ by Grigoris Balakian, an Armenian priest’s devastating eyewitness account of the Armenian Genocide
  • Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story‘ by Henry I. Morgenthau, the American Ambassador at Constantinople from 1913-1916
  • If you haven’t called your Congressional representative and the House Majority Leader, it will take you less than one minute to make these calls. All you need to know is your zip code: MAKE THE CALL TO VOTE YES FOR HOUSE RESOLUTION 252

    Read the full text of House Resolution 252

    Full Text House Resolution 252 – Armenian Genocide Resolution

    December 21, 2010

    Read the full text for the Armenian Genocide Resolution — House Resolution 252:

    House Resolution 252

    Support the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE RESOLUTION Vote in Congress in 30 seconds

    December 21, 2010

    Please take 30 seconds to send your message to the U.S. Congress to Vote for the Armenian Genocide Resolution

    Today the U.S. Congress may finally have the opportunity to vote for the Armenian Genocide Resolution. However, Turkey is working with the highest levels of our administration, President Obama and Secretary State Hillary Clinton (and the State Department) to prevent this vote from coming to the floor. Turkey has succeeded at convincing the US’s democratic leadership to be complicit denying the Armenian Genocide for 95 years. Despite our leaders’ private convictions, the United States of America does not yet officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. The reality is no different today. Reports through last night continue to bring news that President Obama and Secretary Clinton do not want the Congress to vote for House Resolution 252 (H.Res. 252) to appease Turkey. Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to bring the vote to the floor of the House today.

    It takes 30 seconds to send your message to Congress now

    There are only a few living Armenian Genocide survivors in the United States. Let’s all do what we can to tell our representatives that the time to stop denying the Armenian Genocide has come, let’s make this happen in their lifetime.

    Cypriot Americans Call for Full US House Vote to Immediately Pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.R. 252)

    December 16, 2010

    From Union to Occupation: Armenian Genocide Resolution H. Res. 252
    The Armenian Genocide Resolution and the Threat of Turkey | December 16, 2010

    “Cypriot Americans join with Hellenes from across the United States in calling on the U.S. House to pass the Armenian Genocide Resolution, H.Res.252,” said CANA spokesperson Nikolaos Taneris.  “It’s time that America stood up to Turkey’s threats, and adopted principled policies on the Armenian Genocide, Turkey’s military occupation of Cyprus, Ankara’s repression of the Kurds, and Turkey’s shameful restrictions on its remaining Christian churches and communities.”

    Cypriot and Greek Americans are true friends of the Armenians. Let us always be mindful to think beyond our cause to recognize the Armenian Genocide, returning their support and friendship.

    Call to Action: Read, Write to Congress, Forward (Rep. Schiff publishing Armenian Genocide family histories in Congressional Record)

    May 6, 2010

    Rep. Schiff Launches Armenian Genocide Congressional Record Campaign—Calls on survivors and their families to document stories and memories of the genocide | May 5, 2010

    Take Action:

    1. Read this important article
    2. Write to the Congressman Schiff’s office (See the article for where to send your Armenian Genocide-related family history and your gratitude to Rep. Schiff)
    3. Forward this post to every Armenian you know

    There has never been a time in our history like this moment, so carpe diem (translation: Seize the day)!

    Take Action: US House Foreign Affairs Committee to Vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution, H. Res. 252 on Thursday, March 4

    March 4, 2010

    Take Action: Vote YES—Tell Congress to Recognize the Armenian Genocide

    From the Armenian Assembly of America:

    March 2, 2010


    House Foreign Affairs Committee to Vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution, H. Res. 252 on Thursday, March 4

    On Thursday, March 4, 2010, at 10 AM, the House Foreign Affairs Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Howard Berman (D-CA), is poised to mark-up H. Res. 252, the Armenian Genocide Resolution, introduced by Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA), George Radanovich (R-CA), along with Armenian Caucus Co-Chairs Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk (R-IL). The House resolution has garnered strong bi-partisan support with 137 cosponsors.

    You can watch the vote LIVE on the Armenian Assembly homepage on Thursday morning, March 4 at 10 AM.

    In this week’s article in The Hill newspaper, the author sites extensive efforts of the Turkish lobby and Pro-Turkey legislators working to oppose the H. Res. 252. Just yesterday, letters in opposition to H. Res. 252, from multiple Turkish groups, were being circulated to Congress. Reinforced by the second delegation of Turkish officials to visit Washington, D.C. in as many weeks, efforts to squash the bill are heavily under way with the vote just 2 days away. The article also reflects the efforts of Armenian-Americans to reaffirm the Armenian Genocide. The Armenian Assembly urges our members, friends and human rights activists to join our cause to defeat denial and help prevent future genocides.

    Last month, the Assembly reported the launch of an online grassroots petition on the website urging Congress to recognize the Armenian Genocide. Established by a Boston based coalition of Armenian and Jewish community leaders and activists the Petition, and supplemental Resource Page, has over 5,000 signatures to date. The Assembly calls on all of our members and activists to sign the Petition urging Congress to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

    Last Sunday, the CBS news show “60 Minutes” aired a powerful report about the Armenian Genocide and Turkey’s 95-year-long campaign of denial. Featuring New York Times bestselling author Peter Balakian, veteran newsman Bob Simon travelled to Der-el-Zor, now Syria, the largest graveyard remaining from the 1915 Genocide. Simon then goes on to confront former Turkish Ambassador Nabi Sensoy before reporting about this Thursday’s vote in Committee on the Armenian Genocide resolution.

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