US House of Representatives did not vote on Armenian Genocide Resolution – HR 252 during final session of 2010

December 22, 2010

House Resolution 252 (H. Res. 252) – The Armenian Genocide Resolution – did not come up for a vote on the last day of this 2010 Congressional session. There were reports that an unprecedented number of calls and emails were sent to members of the United States House of Representatives in support of the resolution.

Full Text House Resolution 252 – Armenian Genocide Resolution

December 21, 2010

Read the full text for the Armenian Genocide Resolution — House Resolution 252:

House Resolution 252

Call Congress (get link): VOTE YES for Armenian Genocide Resolution – H Res 252

December 21, 2010

The last hours to call your member of Congress to ‘Vote Yes’ for the Armenian Genocide Resolution, House Resolution 252 (H.Res. 252) are here.

It takes just minutes to make 2 phone calls (all you need to know is your zip code):

Support the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE RESOLUTION Vote in Congress in 30 seconds

December 21, 2010

Please take 30 seconds to send your message to the U.S. Congress to Vote for the Armenian Genocide Resolution

Today the U.S. Congress may finally have the opportunity to vote for the Armenian Genocide Resolution. However, Turkey is working with the highest levels of our administration, President Obama and Secretary State Hillary Clinton (and the State Department) to prevent this vote from coming to the floor. Turkey has succeeded at convincing the US’s democratic leadership to be complicit denying the Armenian Genocide for 95 years. Despite our leaders’ private convictions, the United States of America does not yet officially recognize the Armenian Genocide. The reality is no different today. Reports through last night continue to bring news that President Obama and Secretary Clinton do not want the Congress to vote for House Resolution 252 (H.Res. 252) to appease Turkey. Outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intends to bring the vote to the floor of the House today.

It takes 30 seconds to send your message to Congress now

There are only a few living Armenian Genocide survivors in the United States. Let’s all do what we can to tell our representatives that the time to stop denying the Armenian Genocide has come, let’s make this happen in their lifetime.

TAKE ACTION: Armenian Genocide Resolution H.R. 252 vote possible in days

December 15, 2010


There are news reports that the United States Congress may vote on the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.R. 252) before the end of 2010.

Call and email your representatives in Congress and the Senate today:

(Tell them your family’s history and what you know about the Armenian Genocide.)

Here are some blog posts about House Resolution 252 (including my thank you letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee). Also search “Obama” in the Search box (right margin) to find my letter to President Obama.

Related News from (December 14, 2010):

Yerevan Hosts International Conference on Genocide Prevention, Condemnation and Elimination

Rep. Schiff’s latest effort to pass US House Resolution 252

June 15, 2010

Schiff Renews Push for Congress to Recognize Armenian Genocide | June 15, 2010

[Search Schiff and HR 252 in the right margin ‘search’ box for more information about the resolution for the US to recognize the Armenian Genocide.]

Armenian Genocide House Resolution 252 (HR 252) full text

March 5, 2010

Read the full text of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs House Resolution 252 (HR 252), passed on March 4, 2010:

House Resolution 252

Additional news on

The Parliament of Catalonia, Spain, unanimously recognized the Armenian Genocide on February 26, 2010.

Who decides when America speaks on Genocide? “End Turkey’s Gag Rule”

March 1, 2010


“The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) launched an array of grassroots, media, advertising, and advocacy initiatives Monday – as part of its “End Turkey’s Gag Rule” campaign – to encourage the U.S. Congress to adopt legislation, H.Res.252, calling on the U.S. government to put the lessons of the Armenian Genocide to work in preventing future crimes against humanity.”

Go to the website: and read the full article on

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