Shame on London’s Tate Gallery for enabling Turkey’s Armenian Genocide Denial Campaign

April 23, 2010

On the eve of the 95th Anniversary of the events of April 24, 1915, Armenians around the world are preparing to attend church services, commemorations and rallies around the world. Today we awaken to cries of “We are all Armenian” sympathies that lift our hearts. Unfortunately, while we sleep, Turkey continues its insidious campaign of Armenian Genocide denial. This hateful last phase of genocide has lasted (successfully) for 95 years. As the granddaughter and great granddaughter of Armenian Genocide victims, I beseech you to recognize and stand up to all forms of genocide and genocide denial.

Professor Gregory Stanton, the Immediate Past President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars recently wrote a letter to London’s Tate Gallery concerning the museum’s shocking complicity in Turkey’s Armenian Genocide denial campaign. Stanton is Professor of Genocide Studies and Prevention, George Mason University, and Founding President, Genocide Watch.

Read the Article:

Former International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) President Writes Letter to Tate Gallery on Genocide Denial
The Armenian Weekly | April 22,2010

Tate Gallery Arshile Gorky Exhibition link

Take Action:

  1. Thank Professor Stanton for his vigilance and speaking out about Armenian Genocide denial. Email Stanton at:
  2. Write to the Tate Gallery to share your opinion about the handling of the current Arshile Gorky exhibit and the musuem’s submission to the Turkish Government’s Armenian Genocide denial demands:

Sir Nicholas Serota, Director, The Tate Gallery
Mr. Matthew Gale, Curator, The Tate Gallery

My Sunday school teacher, Dr. Zaven Daderian, was right. We must remain vigilant in our fight for the truth about our history. Please continue to educate yourself and the world about the Armenian Genocide.

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