Preserve your family’s Armenian Genocide histories and records

Today I met with a woman who is the daughter of an Armenian Genocide survivor. I asked her if she wanted to share her mother’s story in a book I’m writing. She looked down and told me that every time she begins to read the letters her mother wrote about being marched (to the desert to die) she would cry. I don’t blame this wonderful lady for not wanting to live through this painful time in her mother’s history. But, I hope that she and all of us will remember to leave clear instructions for making sure these personal testimonies are preserved after we are gone.

If you (or anyone you know) possesses such letters, documents, pictures or any other information related to a relative who was a victim of the Armenian Genocide, please make time to identify what you have and make arrangements for these possessions to be entrusted to a library, museum, archive or church that can properly ensure these historical records will be recorded and kept safe.

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